The Ultimate Guide for Solo Travel in London

Fri 19th August, 2016

Whether you’re on a solo mission or looking to make new friends, travelling alone to the city of London is easier than you’d think! Keep reading for some interesting pointers on how to make it out in the big city on your own.

Stay close to transport links…

While we all appreciate the convenience of Uber, grabbing a ride can get pretty costly when you can’t split the fare with the gang. As a solo traveller, the more cost effective option is to use public transport. Staying close to tube lines is a great advantage, enabling you to get around on your own without spending a lot of money. Be sure to check out the distance to the nearest tube and also have an idea of where the station fits into the London Underground network.

Compact but luxurious accommodation…

Different hotels offer different room types. While resort style hotels lean towards double and larger rooms, hotels in the city often have an option for single occupancy. London is particularly good with this, offering small but adequate rooms for the solo explorer. These rooms have a significantly lower per night rate as well. As a solo traveler you generally spend less time in your hotel and are more likely to favour spending your cash on experiences rather than a larger room. While your comfort should not be compromised when traveling alone, a little less space is undoubtedly worth the savings!

Opt for relaxed dining at markets, pop ups and supper clubs!

Dine without formalities at some of the riveting food markets in and around the city. With food stalls and communal restaurants, it’s hard to go wrong as a solo traveler. Some great options include the Borough Market close to London Bridge, SoHo’s Berwick Street Market and Brixton Village Market on the south side. Pop-up street food is also an increasingly popular phenomenon. Get your hand on delectable, handheld treats at the Dinerama in Shoreditch or browse grand stretch of food trucks in Kings Cross. There’s also the option of the Eating London Food tour for a rounded and extensive culinary experience! Another popular trend are supper clubs, a unique family-style food service with the opportunity to meet and mingle with a host of interesting people. Pre-booking is usually required so just be wary of this before you slot it into your itinerary.

Touring made easy…

Even though it’s easy enough to explore London at your own pace, walking, boat and bus tours are a great way to get some direction and also meet fellow adventurers. Walking tours in particular offer a unique way of experiencing the city on foot. There are specialist tours on offer too, including the popular Harry Potter tour, as well as Sherlock Holmes and Shoreditch street art. If you are still up for keeping it solo, be sure to make use of the City Visitor Trail or book your very own solo tour. There are also a number of world-leading museums and galleries in London, which are easily visited by solo travelers who can take their time to browse the fantastic installations and artwork. Other solo appropriate activities include shopping (and lots of it!), bookstore visits as well as urban dance and cooking classes.

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