The Ultimate London Packing Guide - Winter Edition

Wed 8th November, 2017

Despite the recent mild weather, the colder English months are fast approaching. If you’re planning to visit London this winter, be sure to check out our packing essentials guide. You can trust our experience - we’ve encountered more than enough guests who just didn’t get the memo! We're here to avoid just that by preparing you to brave the cold that is UK winters.

Stock up on those thermals

If there is anything you should be packing more of, its thermals. Heat generating garments are exactly what you need to get you through your trip. Temperatures in winter can drop below zero so it’s best to come prepared and have a thermal top or two on hand to prevent the need to over-layer your outfit. This saves you space in your suitcase as well!

Be smart with your choice of outerwear

Even if you bring 5 different coats and jackets, chances are you are going to wear the warmest and comfiest one for most of your trip! Avoid lugging around unnecessary outerwear by choosing a neutral colour and versatile design. Most indoor locations in London are adequately heated so you can still show off your cute outfit once inside. Bonus tip: If you pack a waterproof coat you don’t need a raincoat!

Boots are a traveler's best friend

Visiting London involves quite a bit of walking so do look after your feet- you’re going to be needing them a lot! Boots are ideal for your trip. They match pretty much everything and are also easy to slip on and off at airport security. Wellington boots, while not everyone’s cup of tea, are a terrific addition to your winter travel wardrobe. London winters are no stranger to the rain, and wellingtons are a saving grace in wet weather. Make sure you’re packing proper socks too.

Hats and gloves are more than a fashion statement

In London, people actually wear hats and gloves to keep warm, and not just to look incredibly stylish! Wearing gloves may seem like an inconvenience, though for some people they are non-negotiable in the biting weather. This is especially true for guests coming from warmer climates, who have skin that is more susceptible to being impacted by the cold. Gloves help by reducing the loss of moisture in your hands and conserve the delicate oils that are contained in your dermis. Hats do a neat job of keeping your head warm and preventing headaches and other pain triggered by icy winds.

Have a bag you can use on the daily

Getting around London, though blissfully simple, can start to feel like a mini-expedition at times! Having a comfortable, adequately sized and easy-to-hold bag can make the journey a little easier. Being able to pop your shopping into a backpack can mean feeling less cramped on the tube or bus. It also frees up your hands, making sure no selfie-opportunity when out and about in the city is missed! Having a bag is also a good way of keeping a few essential winter items close by, such as an umbrella, hydrating cream and lip balm (for those dreadful winter lips).

At Mayflower Hotel we are always ready to assist you in planning your trip to the charming city of London. There’s so much to offer in the festive, winter months so be sure to visit during this magical time. Book your trip today, directly via our website.