The “New Normal” for Travel

Mon 18th May, 2020

With restrictions slowly lifting and hopes of a life after lockdown coming to surface, it’s safe to say that some industries may never be the same again! The coronavirus pandemic continues to impact the travel and hospitality industry, with a number of measures in place to ensure the virus can be more easily contained in the coming months. With the reality of a “corona-free” world still out of sight, the focus has shifted to living with the virus and establishing a new normal in which we are all able to rise above the pandemic and adapt to the changing environment. We’ve put together some points to show what travelling in the “new normal” looks like, as well as some pointers for your next trip.
You’re going to need a mask! 
As per World Health Organisation recommendations, masks should be worn as a preventative measure when in public or when interacting with other people. Most airports now require travelers to wear a mask and are authorised to prevent entry  of anyone who violates this ruling. This is in addition to other screening methods, such temperature checks that may occur upon entry. If you are travelling in and out of London airports, you can expect to see the staff in masks too, with a number of other safety measures such as floor markings, sanitiser stations, separator screens and frequent deep cleaning. Once on   the plane, you may be required to keep your face mask on. With the exception of eating and drinking, many airlines require passengers to keep their mask on for the duration of the flight, and may press criminal charges on transgressors. Be sure to check the regulations with your chosen provider when booking your next flight.
Digital is the norm

While digital check-ins and services desks were already gaining speed before the coronavirus, these systems are now the norm at many airports across the globe. With every surface posing potential risk, everything is moving online! QR codes, databases, AI technology and mobile screenings are facilitating contactless services and enabling social distancing in a number of countries. In Heathrow airport, a trial of body temperature screening via thermal cameras is currently underway. These advancements are enabling greater compliance of social distancing measures and limiting human involvement wherever possible. Being comfortable with technology is key to traveling in the present climate, so try to stay informed before you fly and find out what the protocol is at the airports on your route.
Think flexible! 

If there is one key takeaway from the coronavirus, it’s that nothing is certain! Laws and regulations responding to the pandemic are changing all the time. It is essential to adopt a flexible approach when travelling and be prepared for change. Stick to flexible tickets where possible and opt for a hotel that has a lenient cancellation policy. These measures will ensure that you are covered in the event of changing circumstances. It is also a good idea to have a regular news alert set up while traveling to keep you in the loop at all times. Try to stick to one reputable news provider to avoid any potential confusion and stress on your journey! If you are travelling to and from the UK, we recommend the GOV.UK website for daily updates.                                                                       
There’s always a staycation...
If the thought of airports or long haul flights still make you uneasy, there is always local! Staycations are all the rage in the “new normal”, with many previous jetsetters appreciating the charm of their local surroundings. UK residents are fortunate to have one of the greatest cities at their fingertips. There is so much on offer in London, from cultural landmarks to global cuisine and iconic shopping locations to scenic gardens! If you are heading to London for a city getaway, consider Mayflower Hotel. We are fully equipped to safely receive our guests and ensure your greatest comfort during these challenging times. Mayflower is conveniently located in Earls Court, close to several attractions, good restaurants and transport links. Our team looks forward to welcoming you soon! Book direct here.