What to expect when touring London post-coronavirus lockdown

Thu 28th May, 2020

As the world starts to approach a level of normality, it is safe to say things as we know it will forever be altered by the impact of the coronavirus. The need for rapid digital transformation as well as was prevalent across industries, and the travel and hospitality industry are no exception to this. Additionally, most industries hoping to reboot after the coronavirus peak have had to not only adapt digitally but also enforce specific measures to remain compliant and limit the spread of the virus that has not yet left our midst. We unpack what this means for London and some of its landmark touring spots over the next months.

You may need to quarantine 

The UK government has prescribed a 14-day quarantine for travelers coming from high risk countries. There are several regions exempted from this quarantine who are able to travel freely to the UK. It is best to consult www.gov.uk before planning your London getaway as the list of countries and their quarantine status are updated regularly. Chat to us if you have any questions about entering the UK during this time.

Your hotel experience is going to be a little different

To accommodate measures required for coronavirus safety compliance, hotels across the world have had to adapt their services. Many hotels now offer more flexible cancellation and rebooking policies, to offer guests the peace of mind in the event of unforeseen limitations on travel. All transactions, where possible, have gone cashless. Hotels have also started implementing later check in times. This is to ensure enough time for deep cleaning between guests. Temperature checks and the use of a mask or face shield is mandatory at most establishments, with some hotels offering complimentary amenities such as face masks and hand sanitizer upon arrival. Also expect to see stickers galore, with social distance markers, sanitization stations and other safety prompts being utilized in public areas as well as in rooms. The much anticipated hotel buffet breakfasts are also a thing of the past for now as many hotels are opting for on-the-go options or strictly a la carte menus. Despite these changes, you can rest assured that hoteliers all over the country are doing their best to make this challenging situation work and continue to offer you a memorable experience.

Popular attractions will have limitations

The once bustling museums and attractions of London will now be operating at lower capacity than before, with some limitations with what is on offer as well. The recently opened Natural History Museum requires visitors to prebook a slot online before coming through whilst the London theatre reports reduced venue capacity for its indoor performanes here on. This controlled approach is to prevent overcrowding at popular tourist spots while still allowing individuals an opportunity to indulge in activities that were sorely missed during the lockdown. We recommend that you plan ahead to ensure you are up to date with the protocol for your chosen activities.

Virus friendly activities are here to stay, for now

Despite the ease in restrictions, social distancing is here to stay. With innovation and creativity at an all time high during lockdown, there are many virus friendly activities that are likely to stick around for some time. Since social gatherings are still restricted by number, drive by events and virtual meet ups are likely to continue into the new year. Retro lovers rejoiced at the launch of drive through cinemas across the country and the response has been largely positive so far. Even as conventional cinemas start to open, its likely that drive-through cinemas are here to stay. 

And lastly, the UKs first socially distanced concert held in early August was hailed revolutionary after hosting 2500 fans spread out over 500 separated platforms. Safe to say this practice may continue into the future- though we think crowd surfing is officially a thing of the past now. 

Even with all these measures and adaptions in place, London is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities to be spending your time in. When planning your trip, be sure to choose a hotel with a difference. Mayflower London offers you a unique East-Meets-West experience in the heart of London. View our rooms here.