​5 reasons to staycation in London this season

Wed 30th September, 2020

Despite borders opening up around the world, many people are resisting the temptation to fly. And with the travel bug becoming increasingly difficult to ignore, staycations are all the rage. For those living in England, London offers the perfect destination for a quick getaway. From its iconic architecture, rich historical landmarks, world-class food and dynamic culture, London is one of the most visited cities in Europe. We’ve rounded up five reasons to staycation in London and encourage you to be a tourist in your own city this season!

Feel at home while away

Staycations provide you with new experiences, along with the creature comforts of being at home. The familiarity of the language, currency, transport systems and general norms is one of the standout benefits of a staycation and gives you the opportunity to relax and take some time off without the stress of assimilating into a new environment.

Discover local gems

Being able to experience a new city or town just outside of your own, or even just a part of the city you hadn’t stayed in before, will have you discovering local features and attractions you may have overlooked in the past. From indulgent afternoon tea experiences to luscious green parks and art galleries to artisanal boutiques, there are numerous opportunities to unwind and enjoy London with a tourist mindset. Also, with many popular London attractions starting to open up, locals can take advantage of the still low numbers of international visitors and enjoy a trip to Madame Tussauds or the London eye without the dread of two hour queues.

Luggage (and shopping!) restrictions do not apply

Luggage restrictions and allowances are the furthest thing on your mind when staycation-ing. You can pack as heavy or as light as you want without the worry of weight limitations and concerns around cabin-size compliance. And with over a dozen shopping hotspots across the city, you can shop worry free in one of the fashion capitals of the world! Being able to accommodate shopping sprees and gift purchases is definitely one of the many highlights of a staycation.

Dine internationally

London is renowned for its extensive range of cuisines, with beautifully decorated restaurants that will transport you all across the world. With some of the most authentic dishes spanning a range of global cuisines, London is no stranger to a good meal. Street food in London is also a popular indulgence, with numerous food markets and pop ups all over the city. From fiery Asian to fragrant Middle Eastern and Michelin Star to local chippies, you are in for a foodie treat when staycation-ing in London!

Save for your next getaway

Perhaps the most standout feature of a staycation is the significantly lower cost of travel. Besides the savings on your plane ticket, being able to avoid exchange rate costs and travel insurance are a big plus too. Also, many London hotels are encouraging staycations by offering unprecedented rates for your stay, so you can enjoy the city whilst still saving for your next international getaway. Mayflower London is no exception! Be sure to browse our range of rooms so you can staycation for less! Click here for more.