​Choosing the perfect accommodation for your London stay

Fri 1st January, 2021

With a destination in mind and an idea of flight costs, the next big decision is where to stay. While choosing accommodation has its challenges across the world, choosing your crash pad in London can be particularly difficult. With so many different hotels and airbnb’s to choose from, its common to spend a great deal of time researching and comparing the options at hand. We’ve put together a simple guide, highlighting what to look out for when choosing where to stay on your London vacation.

Location, Location, Location

It goes without saying that location is paramount. While London is a fairly small city, the high volume of traffic makes it essential to stay as close as possible to the main landmarks and attractions. The general rule is so stay close enough to the city centre without having to pay the exorbitant prices that accompany the hotels located there. Neighboring areas are a good start, so be sure to consider hotels in Kensington, Earls Court, Chelsea and Notting Hill. It’s also worth noting the distance to transport links, such as underground tube stations and bus stops. Whether it’s to access the city centre or take a journey further out, easy access to transport is a gamechanger!

Be Direct

Utilising popular booking sites may seem like the instinctive thing to do, but hotels often offer best rate guarantees and more favourable booking terms when booking directly. While you can use booking sites to easily compare the various options, once you have a hotel in mind it is best to check their website out directly. You will likely find discount codes, price matcher prompts as well the potential to upgrade or enjoy more flexible booking terms.

Family Friendly

Solo travel can be a lot easier, as you mostly need a comfortable place to rest your head for the day. When travelling with family however, there are far more factors that need to be considered when deciding on accommodation. It is best to enquire with your potential hotel regarding things like bassinet availability as well as room to store items such as pushchairs. These details are best ironed out before booking, as you would not want to dampen your holiday dealing with unaccommodating circumstances when you arrive.

Room Variety

There are many standard hotels which offer a simple but adequate room type, with very few variances in what you receive. While this may be suitable for a quick stopover or business trip, when vacationing you may be seeking a little more. It’s important to consider what room varieties are available to suit your requirements. From differences in bed type to catering facilities and other amenities to length of stay, it’s essential to choose a hotel which offers you what you need. Again, going on to a hotel’s website directly will often provide greater insight into what room types they offer. As always, it is possible to contact the hotel directly with any questions you may still have.


Reviews are often a make or break situation, providing feedback from previous guests in their own, often animated, words! While reviews can be helpful in determining key points of weakness in a hotel’s offering, be wary of extreme accounts. Some reviews are misleading, so don’t let one person’s experience determine your entire decision.

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